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Alvin Persson
My birthday is the 24 januari
Comment from : Alvin Persson

8:45 Don’t you have a Norwegian editor that can help you with that or is that a different theorist
Comment from : Equilibris

Gebriel Abu Awad
U Are Such A BRAT! You Are A Criminal
Comment from : Gebriel Abu Awad

Emma The Cat
This is your dadpat look
Comment from : Emma The Cat

Kenny Ramdwar
Hmmm Matpat you should leave your hair that way.
Comment from : Kenny Ramdwar

Grant Fat
If matpat needs a pronounceiation the closest I can get is south bird island
Comment from : Grant Fat

Actually Norwegian person here; In case you wanted to know what words the name of the island is. Sørfugløy can split up into three words Sør, Fugl, and Øy, and they mean in order South Bird and Island. So it would be Southbirdisland if you wanted to translate it, not that you usually do that with place names. Also quick guide here;
Æ: The æ-sound is similar to the 'a' in the English words "bad" and "sad."
Ø: The ø-sound is similar to the 'u' in "burn" and "sun."
Å: The å-sound is similar to the 'o' in "born" and "horns."
Also, this might made you go crazy cuz you can literally copy-paste the name into google translate, and it will pretty much say it as it would be announced. It's a little robotic, but what can you do. Also, sorry for the late reply i just watch the movie Wednesday since it took some time to get the film over here in Norwegian, and my fellow moviegoers didn't want to go when it was jam-packed.

Comment from : Jeanette9a

Matpat with no hair and a beard 👌 i like it
Comment from : Nathaniel

Viktoria Magrey
I love how much shade was thrown at this movie by Mat of all people, it honestly deserves it with how much of a poorly written cashgrab it was. I'm not done with the video, just had to say it. Oh wow, MatPat looks great!
Comment from : Viktoria Magrey

Hampton Gyrls
I came to see how to freeze Elsa instead I got a whole science lesson w
Comment from : Hampton Gyrls

Anthony Craouse
He should keep the new look
Comment from : Anthony Craouse

Sean Taggart
2:48 So matpat is that all you got?
You think because someone shoots ice they cant become ice?
Dude THE LINE has more than one meaning!

Comment from : Sean Taggart

The new look really suits you.
Comment from : Mitchellfw

Matt: She survives outside at 10* Farenheight!!
Me, sitting inside while its literally -3* outside: eh

Comment from : Lackadaisical

EpicEliminatør 21
The island could also be jan mayen
Comment from : EpicEliminatør 21

MatPat looking look like an Ukrainian and I love it.
Comment from : Niksterkai

Karina Groth Lerstøl
Sørfugløya directly means southbirdisland, and æøå are three letters that exist souly here in Scandinavia that might be why you don't get it.😊
Comment from : Karina Groth Lerstøl

Daniel M
Mat Pat looks cool with a beard
Comment from : Daniel M

Bro, you look AWESOME with this haircut and a little bit of beard!!!
Comment from : MyrΔ

annah Sarah
Stop it it's magic
Comment from : annah Sarah

annah Sarah
13 and up...

I'm 11


Comment from : annah Sarah

annah Sarah
Just finished watching it
Comment from : annah Sarah

blur blur
Bruuuuh this movie was way better than the first
Comment from : blur blur

I think Mat only started this channel is just to get a great excuse to watch Disney movies 24/7
Comment from : xXAria_toffeeXx

jackie sandoval
Ssssssssssdddddddwwwwwwwwwwwwwllllllllll......".."............pppppppLll,mmm,mmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnhefxytchfdxfhzmwiojpsaop snjn in-line XX has xhaahgjgiaai amigo Asia

Comment from : jackie sandoval

17:55 i gotchu homie
Comment from : BACONburgerxx5

Jack Polile
I love your videos mat pat there all amazing I which all of them!!😎😎
Comment from : Jack Polile

Celena Dawson
The song that the mom sung said not too far or you will drown and she went to far so that’s why she drowned and froze. So that she could know the truth. Am I the only one that actually understood the movie???
Comment from : Celena Dawson

Ryan Rubino
Dude! You have never been so off! This movie is well-written, heartfelt, and has true emotional depth! Don’t diss it just because it’s not your cup of tea. You’ve always been more objective than that, and I’m very disappointed.
Comment from : Ryan Rubino

Arturo Rincón
Anyone else think Matt is looking cute and badass with his new haircut and facial hair?
Comment from : Arturo Rincón

Adriansyah Harry
keep the haircut and facial hair, it looks badass
Comment from : Adriansyah Harry

Karizaki Ori
Frozen 57: Elsa in space
Comment from : Karizaki Ori

Rax Savvage
oh the new hair look is uhh... rax approves
you also look like you're in a mid 2000's action movie

Comment from : Rax Savvage

Joseph Wilkins
Those 3D Mario ice levels didn't lie
Comment from : Joseph Wilkins

Neehar's Imagination
Everyone dies in that way. It is what Athohallan does all the time
Comment from : Neehar's Imagination

Akio Arts
"The northsuin"
That's what it sounded like to me, how he said it. Made me laugh a bit.
I'm a dane, so it's kinda funny to hear people pronounce danish words wrong, or just in general

Comment from : Akio Arts

Julano Morales Mapping happy AUTTP VGCP
Elsa watching this: WHAT THE F***!!!!
Comment from : Julano Morales Mapping happy AUTTP VGCP

Sørfugløye. =south bird Island
Comment from : Weeehans

Malaysia XD
1 funny reason actually see what I only for 1. Million thousandcome on and where abouts coldest and hardest hearted and dark pulled in freezing todeath and I don't care anything because I know why and some reason that is not actually but you have to find something colder and colder and told her like cold like a fire not actually fire bit cold ice fire I know why my meeting this but how should I know in Royale high their online! You are the! I love playing everything and watch and cool you have to do this every day and you've tried to find tomato and you have anything!
Comment from : Malaysia XD

Malaysia XD
Actually The Creator tried to make a different the ISIS actually ice is actually poison and different thingsbut she tried to live anyway and I love Disney princess that's why I don't care and I noticed stuff for 2 seconds and I am just 9 years old!! And I am almost 10 years old!
Comment from : Malaysia XD

The thing is. Its not normal ice that froze Elsa. It was MAGIC ice.
Comment from : homunculi0408

Malaysia XD
And there are Frozen 3!
Comment from : Malaysia XD

Malaysia XD
Water is actually have a memory but no voice because they don't have oh now you literally drinkwater they will scream for no reason okthey have more they have mouths tabletop and scream you gotta try to drink the water you guys cannibalism and you dammit naf I don't care anyone because I am don't care the ice will have memory about something and you don't even think about putting!
Comment from : Malaysia XD

Freddy Mustasje
The g in sørfugløya is stum
Comment from : Freddy Mustasje

Alexus Turner
First off you're overthinking this. Her freezing was a sacrifice. It had nothing to do with how cold it had to be, she simply lost that part of her power set so that she could see the truth. That's all.
Comment from : Alexus Turner

Rosette Thorns
Is it just me or does Matpat look like Oliver Queen with that new look?
Lol he’s like Barry Allan from the flash but he’s face is like Oliver Queen’s 🤣

Comment from : Rosette Thorns

Berry Efternavn
I really like how to tries to say "Nordsø". It just completely wrong in everyway, but still funny.
Comment from : Berry Efternavn

kim taehyung's handsome face
same at frozen FEVER
Comment from : kim taehyung's handsome face

No one's gonna talk about how fucking good Matpat looks with short hair and a beard?
Comment from : LordJaxter

MatPat looks like the kinda guy to have a science show on nickalodeon...oh wait.. (Love you'r channel)
Comment from : naturegeek33

Rohan Kumar
10:52 Thats shawn spencer
Comment from : Rohan Kumar

I thought it was somewhere close to an absolute zero that "froze" her, the temperature in which the normal ice is relatively super hot. Everything (including atoms) stay relatively still (maybe not according to quantum mechanics, but beyond the scope), and you can see elsa really slowing down to stillness
Comment from : Diaming787

@10:54 Not gonna lie... This look works for him. He kinda looks like a nerdy Cole McGrath.
Comment from : Mai57

papery larry
sor fug lu ya
Comment from : papery larry

"Dive down deep into her sound.. But not too far or you'll be drowned... " sooo she dived down to her grandpa's sound too far when she falls she got drowned going deep like the water is can make you freeze so thats how
Comment from : EJ TV

Kevin Fuchs
OMG Justin Timberlake is now hosting Film Theory?
Comment from : Kevin Fuchs

Stuart Doig
Just gonna put it out there, Calgary, Edmonton and Saskatoon are all around -41 C with windchill, and if they got any cooler, the cold would bother Elsa. So hahahaha Elsa, Canada beat you.
Comment from : Stuart Doig

Ludvig Forsgren
She got that Wim Hof method!!
Comment from : Ludvig Forsgren

Joshua Munengwa
Its soar-fug-loya
Comment from : Joshua Munengwa

Jacob Miller
Idk when mat changed his hair and got a beard but I like it
Comment from : Jacob Miller

Ceviro Ho
you know there's google translatet
Comment from : Ceviro Ho

Glenn Carver
Matt Pinkman?
Comment from : Glenn Carver

Plutonuim Dude
I think your over thinking it, I think she just means that she's been in ice cold temperatures for so long that it just doesn't affect her the same and not that she can't be frozen
Comment from : Plutonuim Dude

Rebecca PlaysMC
Matpat: Elsa could survive on mars
Disney producers: write that down! WRITE THAT DOWN!

Comment from : Rebecca PlaysMC

Royland Corcega
1M cold
Comment from : Royland Corcega

Maxwell W
When did mat pat get a beard
Comment from : Maxwell W

youtube account
(sørfugløya) it means southernbird island. and i know how to pronounce it, but its difficult to explain and relate the letter to somthing your familiar with
Comment from : youtube account

10:53 He looks like boomer pat.
Comment from : JamesTheFox

Mary May Carps
The all is found song said about the river that if you dive too deep you’ll be drowned. The river in question is a river of ice, so you can’t really drown. Because of that to “drown” would be to freeze. Plus I guess it would have magical powers that would be stronger than Elsa’s
Comment from : Mary May Carps

Pink Furret
You look like a mix of Jesse and Walter
Comment from : Pink Furret

So did you put dye in the water to make it easier for us to see it, or is it just that bad down there?
Comment from : Sloopy

jacob rankin
Is that Jesse pinkman
Comment from : jacob rankin

Lantern Prime
Comment from : Lantern Prime

Tom Trench
Haha I'm technically 12 and I still watch you!

I'm about to be 13 in about a week tho so yea! :D

Also, no offence to MatPat, I love him

Comment from : Tom Trench

Love it when matpat does live science! Especially science we can also do at home!
Comment from : Quickersilver

Ivan Burner
Imagine tryna bang her, your Johnson would freeze. It would also be difficult to explain to Anna.
Comment from : Ivan Burner

Budds Bunny
Sorry, but there’s only one true Queen in the North, and it ain’t Elsa
Comment from : Budds Bunny

Dawson Mueller
Why does MatPat look like Boon from Fallout New Vegas
Comment from : Dawson Mueller

Don Anilao
I guess you can say that Elsa is getting Ultra-cooled.
Comment from : Don Anilao

matpat sounds so done with Disney's BS
Comment from : Kai

DarkAvatar Kuna1
(Sees ATLA) (Avatar Airbender themes starts to play)
Comment from : DarkAvatar Kuna1

Bad Dragonite
Matpat lookin like Cole Mcgrath from Imfamous
Comment from : Bad Dragonite

MatPat Keep Beard
Comment from : Slitzzy

This is a movie I won’t watch and then watch a video explaining the plot like this one
Comment from : JustABiasedSportsFan

Is it just me or he kinda looks like Sean Evans from Hot Ones
Comment from : Mzjz

jimmy lee plays
Then why does it Elsa melt in the heat?
Comment from : jimmy lee plays

LOLI taku
It was explained that the spirits "blessed" Elsa, because of her mother saving her father. The only reason she was frozen even though she was "blessed" was because the spirits made their blessing a curse.

In short, she made a bad choice and the spirits didn't like it, so they freezed her

Comment from : LOLI taku

Kenya Gabrielle
I thought it’d have something to do with her physical/mental capacity as she got more and more vulnerable.
Comment from : Kenya Gabrielle

Supergal26_YAS !
“You’ll never see me cry” (Frozen 1: Let it go)

Cries when Anna freezes in frozen 1 and cries when she starts to freeze (frozen 2)

Comment from : Supergal26_YAS !

Wyatt Cook
I like his beard and hair
Comment from : Wyatt Cook

Ele Wright
She is actually a spirit
Comment from : Ele Wright

So you are saying if she built a staircase everything would be different?
Comment from : 358927

Mat looks like a action hero
Comment from : DARTHMEMEs101

Beny Ben vlogs
dude its a magic cave , MAGIC
Comment from : Beny Ben vlogs

Ramon Murray
With the cut and the beard you look like JT lol.
Comment from : Ramon Murray

DrIfTy bOi
That looke like pee not water but ok
Comment from : DrIfTy bOi

shadowhat Meow
Why do you look so good with super short hair...
Comment from : shadowhat Meow

Penelope Jennings
i thought it was because atahallen is the source of her power
Comment from : Penelope Jennings

Shamelesscoder 7
7:24 she lookin like Lord Vorldemort
Comment from : Shamelesscoder 7

Aesthetic Pasta
Didn’t she freeze case the dam made her loose her pwr???
Comment from : Aesthetic Pasta

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