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mou ghosh
Real rockstar.😘😍
Comment from : mou ghosh

mou ghosh
I just loved the movie.
Salute to u Sammi sir.👌💓

Comment from : mou ghosh

Kim Tae Ra
I'm watching with my date 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Kim Tae Ra

Rajesh Gupta
Very nice 👌
Comment from : Rajesh Gupta

Arianna Seusankar
I love this movie I like Indian movies
Comment from : Arianna Seusankar

Kaash yehi din dobaara wapas aa sakta
Comment from : Bhaskar

Ghalib Mahmud laskar
Many interesting scenes are missing because I have this film on VCP way back in 1990
Comment from : Ghalib Mahmud laskar

Devang Mehta
Google ki service band karo
Comment from : Devang Mehta

bhuvan bhaskar
Sajan movie upload kr dijiye manoj Kumar ki

Comment from : bhuvan bhaskar

Nilo Auto
Nice move
Comment from : Nilo Auto

Taufiq Hashmi
Sammy Kapoor is Salman Khan for me

Comment from : Taufiq Hashmi

raminder sandhu
Great Punjabi Shammi Kapoor
Comment from : raminder sandhu

Kya nautanki hoti hai apne movies me.. jungle me hero heroin fasege etc. etc. and aise 1760 movies me same story lete hai.. bakwas
Comment from : Alice

Wo mote aadmi k sath ka scene sabse bakwas tha.. shi.. comedy k naam pe ganda dhabba
Comment from : Alice

Devendra Vishth
Shammi Kapoor sir
Great actor
Great person
Great super 🌟 all time
Handsome Shammi my favourite
Salute sir

Comment from : Devendra Vishth

Soumitra Sen
Hats off to you Shammi ji
Comment from : Soumitra Sen

Rambabu Shaw
MD. Rafik
Comment from : Rambabu Shaw

Rambabu Shaw
This super hit movie
Comment from : Rambabu Shaw

ahmad bokhari
dont have sub title dont understand
Comment from : ahmad bokhari

Sarat joshi
Comment from : Sarat joshi

Maya Jaiswal
Still !! Awesome 💎💎💎
Comment from : Maya Jaiswal

Art and idea
1983 August 11 Teersi Manzil
Comment from : Art and idea

khoosh khan khan
Superb l just love it
Comment from : khoosh khan khan

sarbarkazi Kazi
Nice movie
Comment from : sarbarkazi Kazi

Shubham Tyagi
Superb act of art by both legendary artist Late Shammi Kapoor Ji and Asha Parekh ji.
Comment from : Shubham Tyagi

Akshay Kumar
01/12/2019 still my favourite.
Comment from : Akshay Kumar

सुपर हिट
Comment from : CHANDRA DHAR

M Tanveer
Hats off for one and only Greatest VIJAY ANAND 😎 Saheb the Director great Craftsman,unique camerawork,slick editing .India answer to ALFRED HITCHCOCK😎
Comment from : M Tanveer

Sandip Dhanve
Comment from : Sandip Dhanve

mohammad shoaib akhtar
In the end premnath admitted his mistake "shocking!"
Comment from : mohammad shoaib akhtar

Annu Suthar
Old is gold
Comment from : Annu Suthar

HT Long
Yes indeed Shammi Kapoor was the Elvis Presley of India and he was the best in Bollywood. Two Thumbs Up!
Comment from : HT Long

Alok Raj
I'm watching this beautiful movie first time on the occasion of sir ''Shammi kapoor's'' birthday.🙏🎂💕

All Songs of this movie is so beautiful.

Comment from : Alok Raj

Mahesh Patel
Wonderful amazing movie popular hit songs .story very very good .. i watching this movie 06/10/2019
Old is gold

Comment from : Mahesh Patel

SONIA mathews
Awesome movie ❤️ Anyone in 2019??
Comment from : SONIA mathews

Prabhakara TN
I was watched this movie for several times No bore No headache still I am likeing
Comment from : Prabhakara TN

Ehsan Ali
Plz upload PAGLA KAHIN KA.plz
Comment from : Ehsan Ali

Rajesh Chandra
8:25 best scene 😂😂😂😂
Comment from : Rajesh Chandra

shahnawaz Shaikh
Is Film Mai Premnath & shammi kapoor, asha parekh & onke team K premnath je Kay bungalow par milny wale pure scene CUT hai jo K nahi hona chahiye.
Comment from : shahnawaz Shaikh

shubham joshi
Shammi Sahab great actor..miss uhh..
Comment from : shubham joshi

jaya verma
Plz upload movie "pagla kahin ka" 🙏
Comment from : jaya verma

sucheta roy
Vijay Anand's crisp,very new age direction and RD Burman's amazing numbers...plus Shammi Kapoor and Asha Parekh the bona fide box office stars of the 60s. Teesri Manzil still a favorite.
Comment from : sucheta roy

Binni Rai
O haseena julfo wali song drummer he is saleem khan
Comment from : Binni Rai

Raees Khan
Old is gold
Comment from : Raees Khan

pradeep mudliar
It's still a mystery that despite giving such Blockbuster and pathb reaking music in 1966, RD was really recognised by industry from 1971 onwards. For such a genius music director who is unparalleled till now, the film industry didn't really realise his worth,not until several years after his death.
Comment from : pradeep mudliar

Atul Shah
please watch full uncut movie at www.youtube.com/watch?v=KvtxYvsXwkY&feature=youtu.be
Comment from : Atul Shah

Manju Rangra
Must watch thriller romance melodious songs Shammi Sir Asha m'am powerful acting -all the Actors in fact great acting 👍👍👍6 star rating
Comment from : Manju Rangra

Manoj kumar
Greatest ever 'shammi Kapoor' and 'asha parekh '
Comment from : Manoj kumar

Sabreen Parveen
Bealkul bakvas
Comment from : Sabreen Parveen

Sabreen Parveen
Comment from : Sabreen Parveen

Lalit Kumar
Prince full movie please
Comment from : Lalit Kumar

Neha Prasad
I wish I would have born at that time beautiful time and hardworking people wid natural ones not now days...
Comment from : Neha Prasad

prativa prasad
Comment from : prativa prasad

Jaintibhai Chudasama
Comment from : Jaintibhai Chudasama

omkar tendulkar
Shami sir miss you. My grandma favorites❤💗💜
Comment from : omkar tendulkar

Sunita ASHOK Pahadi
Spence picture nice movie
Comment from : Sunita ASHOK Pahadi

sk muneer
OLD is gold good film
Comment from : sk muneer

Prem Lal
Rafi is Rafi no one can even not lata,asha and kishore
Comment from : Prem Lal

Prem Lal
Thxxx CSM ,My VVV fvt Shammi Kapoor and my God Rafi will never came but they alive in my heart
Comment from : Prem Lal

Dinesh Kumar
Good movie
Comment from : Dinesh Kumar

Uma Maheshwari
I like always old Hindi films music,story and actors are gave nice films but now sound,no story at all actors i don't want to talk
Comment from : Uma Maheshwari

Ratnapriya Das
Shammi Kapoor is the best
Comment from : Ratnapriya Das

Hoshi Marolia
Our own Indian Elvis presley! What a great actor! Just unimitabe!
Comment from : Hoshi Marolia

Ram Kumar
Serial killer movie upload karey
Comment from : Ram Kumar

Atul Shah
This is not full movie. Full movie is 2hrs 47 min.
Comment from : Atul Shah

Ayan Motilal
Evergreen movie... One of the best suspense movie till date... Incidentally anyone noticed Salman Bhai s dad Salim sb playing drum in the song o haseena zulfon wali... And mom Helen ji THO not biological but bhai respects both his mother equally...
Comment from : Ayan Motilal

shalini vats Vats
Old is gold 👍💙
Comment from : shalini vats Vats

Naveen Kumar
Superb movie of that times
Comment from : Naveen Kumar

Amrit Rihal
Did anyone recognise Helen’s husband Salim Javed who is Salman khan, Father as Rocky band player?
Comment from : Amrit Rihal

Devendra Vishth
R. D. Sir

Comment from : Devendra Vishth

bhavesh vasava
I love the voice of Asha parekh ji, it's very beautiful 😍😘🤗☺😚😊
Comment from : bhavesh vasava

Ramachandran Ranganathrao
Helen is a legend in dance no one can match even now in 2019
Comment from : Ramachandran Ranganathrao

Ramachandran Ranganathrao
Wow RD Burman scored this music in Early 60s fit for 2019
Comment from : Ramachandran Ranganathrao

Spriha Bairagi
Dewana mujh sa nahi shammi ji iss ambar ke niche aage hai ashiq mera aur mein aapke movie ke peche
Comment from : Spriha Bairagi

Indranil Khaire
तिसरी मॅझिल के गाने सूनने के बाद सर्वश्रेष्ठ संगीतकार शंकर-जयकिशन के जयकिशनजी ने कहा था - ये लडक हम सब की छूट्टी कर देगा ।
Comment from : Indranil Khaire

HaRiSh L. YaDaV
5/5. Goldie the genius
Comment from : HaRiSh L. YaDaV

Sundaram Agarwal
pura kapoor khandan raj kapoor shammi kapoor shashi kapoor all are legend
Comment from : Sundaram Agarwal

Babu Hotkar
That time will never ever come again ... My fav shammi Kapoor and asha parekh
Comment from : Babu Hotkar

malaka venkataramana
Dev anand was the first preferance for this movie,but he was not satisfied with this story,so vijay anand took it as challenge and asked shammi ji and he happily accepted this offer and later this movie created history and became a masterpiece.
Comment from : malaka venkataramana

Abc Def
Great 🤩 movie 🤩 and 🤩 terrific 🤩 songs
Comment from : Abc Def

ashok panda
Shami Kapoor at his best... awesome entertainer n super engaging
Comment from : ashok panda

Mohamed Belamri
A beautiful movie
Comment from : Mohamed Belamri

bs revant
Super duper songs
Comment from : bs revant

Lal Singh Borana
Comment from : Lal Singh Borana

D Js
Do not watch this, this is shemaroo's pathetic marketed version with 22 minutes of editing. There is a link here for the full uncut version. Enjoy that.
Comment from : D Js

Sushil Kolhekar
Waiting for prince movies
Comment from : Sushil Kolhekar

Kanhei lal Mura
Super sami
Comment from : Kanhei lal Mura

mahesh kumar
Comment from : mahesh kumar

Rojalin Mohanty
legendary actor shamijij..asha Jii...
Comment from : Rojalin Mohanty

Jahanara Rahman
I come here to figure out Salim Khan...
Comment from : Jahanara Rahman

dhanpal Pal
Sammi kapoor
Comment from : dhanpal Pal

dhanpal Pal
My feavrets hero
Comment from : dhanpal Pal

Khwmthagwra Narzary
What an act by legend Shammi. Great actor
Comment from : Khwmthagwra Narzary

Mujahid Khan
Comment from : Mujahid Khan

Sudeep Surya
Super movie
Comment from : Sudeep Surya

Renato D'Mello
Nobody can dance like Helen
Comment from : Renato D'Mello

Renato D'Mello
Nobody till now can dance like Helen
Comment from : Renato D'Mello

Indu Cruz
Pure 40 minutes ke qareeb movie missing hai. Premnath Ka introductory scene missing hai.
Comment from : Indu Cruz

Bhanu mathi
O mere sonare
Comment from : Bhanu mathi

Prasad Dalvi
Comment from : Prasad Dalvi

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